Friday, November 1, 2013

Read Just One Vision's November Newsletter

Excerpt: Welcome to Just One Vision's third monthly newsletter! We're still figuring out what works and what doesn't, so if you've got any feedback, please let us know! October As fall rolled in, so did our orders! Things have really picked up here at Just One Vision as we work around the clock to make sure everyone has the best service and customer service possible! While we're working on orders, construction progress has also picked up, we got new carpeting, among other office renovations. We also started with a second blogger. He's pretty busy, but he'll be posting from time to time. His name is Aaron, so everything he posts will be tagged with his name. Just One Vision also started using icons for our social media links, instead of plain text, here on our blog. Featured Service: Political Marketing With November often as an election month, political marketing around this time of year is even more crucial than ever. Our political marketing services take advantage of the other options we have in place, such as bulk email marketing, direct mail, and others, while using our massive database geared towards voters, donors, and others. We've got advanced demographics available, so you can choose who you want to see your message and when. Just One Vision might be located in Nashville, but...Read More at Just One Vision's November Newsletter

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