Sunday, November 10, 2013

Read Just One Vision's CPC Advertising

Excerpt: Looking for a highly accurate way to track your bulk email marketing campaign's successAdvertising cost per click is the most reliable way for you to measure how much it costs each time someone clicks on your email advertising. Just One Vision has several payment options, one of them is average cost per click, so that you're paying to obtain success. If you look at cost per click vs cost per impression, you'll find that cost per click is better for you all around. With CPC, you're paying for people who actually click on your bulk email marketing ads, while with cost per impression, you're paying for people who simply load them up and not interact with them further. Cost per impression might look more impressive, but you're paying for people to not give your bulk email advertising another look. The cost per click definition is how much you pay...Read More at Just One Vision's CPC Advertising

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